Weekly Market Update 18th September 2020

Datium Insights Weekly Market Update

Read our latest weekly update on the state of the used car market containing analysis of prices, volume and clearance rates.

Market Snapshot

  • Prices were down (-1.2%) this week
  • Light Commercial (-1.5%) and Passenger (-0.2%) saw significant decreases
  • Corporation (-4.7%) and ex-Leases (-0.8%) saw significant decreases
  • Supply was up (+3.9%) and remains incredibly volatile
  • Clearance rates were up (+0.7%)
  • Prices for top 15 traded vehicles were mixed with the Toyota Hiace (+6.5%) and Isuzu D-MAX (+4.4%) leading increases
  • Volkswagen Golf (-5.4%), Ford Mondeo (-4.4%) and Holden Commodore (-3.6%) were all down
  • As highlighted above, stock remains considerably low – see our latest reports on car supply and export/import activity

Weekly Price Changes

Weekly Prices Changes for Top Models

Weekly Clearance Rate Changes

Datium Insights Weekly Market Update

Price Index COVID-19 versus GFC

Datium Insights Monthly Car Supply Update
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Tanim Ahmed

By Tanim Ahmed, Head of Product at Datium Insights

Tanim is a Macquarie University alumni with degrees in Finance and Economics. He has spent a decade in the Leasing and Finance industry, specializing in Residual Value risk.

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Published by Tanim Ahmed

Tanim leads the development of our product suite, working with top-notch developers to deliver the best products for our customers. In addition, he also oversees sales and marketing activities, spending time with customers across the country. Tanim has spent a decade in the Leasing and Finance industry, specializing in Residual Value risk. Prior to Datium Insights, he worked in various risk and product roles with the likes of General Electric, Custom Fleet and Westpac. He has degrees in Finance and Economics from Macquarie University.

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