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With so many of us working remotely these days its critical to move between Desktop and Mobile


We’ve made sure that Datium InstantVal is optimized for a seamless mobile experience for those times your away from the laptop


No need to download any more apps, just login through any mobile browser and start valuing cars instantly

API Driven Solution​

API Driven Solution​

  • Datium InstantVal is a REST API, meaning you can utilise it in multiple different ways​
  • Use the API to call Datium InstantVal from statistical computing software like R, SAS and Python​
  • Or integrate the API into your custom software or website, transforming it into a valuations powerhouse​
  • With the ability to value thousands of cars in seconds, Datium Instantval’s API design will automate and reduce your workload at the same time​
  • We provide full documentation on how you can use the Datium InstantVal API
Data Richness​

Data Richness​

  • Over 1 million unique used car sales transactions feed Datium InstantVal, with thousands more added every month​
  • Each record is an actual sales transaction price, not a listed price, so you can be sure only real prices feed Datium InstantVal​
  • Data is sourced from around the country, from auctions and dealerships. The breadth of the data covers every segment of the car market and over 70 different brands​
Machine Learning Algorithms​

Machine Learning Algorithms​

  • Uses cutting edge Machine Learning models to produce the most accurate valuations available​
  • Considering over 50 different attributes related to a vehicle sale, Datium InstantVal takes a scientific approach to determining real-time motor vehicle valuations​
  • Valuations are adjusted based on age, mileage, location, time, condition and a host of other factors​
  • Back-tested and optimized on a regular basis, our algorithms can adjust for sudden swings in market conditions
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