Automotive and Industrial Market Update November 2020

Webinar - Automotive and Industrial Market Update November 2020

What to expect from this webinar:

  • Introduction and update from Bruce Maclennan, CEO of Pickles
  • The teams at Pickles and Datium Insights have prepared a comprehensive analysis of the automotive and industrial resale markets
  • How the industry has shifted from the impacts of COVID-19
  • Insights, trends and forecasting from Datium Insights
  • The automotive and industrial landscapes into 2021


Brendon Green

General Manager, Motor Vehicles at Pickles

Brendon is responsible for the entire Motor Vehicle division at Pickles which includes Government, Fleet, Novated, Repossessed and Manufacturer vehicles.

Bruce Connors

Director, Industrial at Pickles

Bruce oversees Trucks, Machinery, Earthmoving Equipment, General Goods, IT and Pickles Valuation Services. Bruce’s particular areas of expertise are in transport, agriculture, construction, mining, marine and aviation.

Tanim Ahmed

Head of Product at Datium Insights

Tanim is a Macquarie University alumni with degrees in Finance and Economics. He has spent a decade in the Leasing and Finance industry, specialising in Residual Value risk.

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