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Australian Used Car Prices Bounce Back Despite COVID-19: New Datium Insights-Moody’s Analytics Index

A new index launched by Moody’s Analytics in collaboration with Datium Insights reveals that Australian wholesale used-vehicle prices increased by 10.6% from April to May of this year. This follows a price contraction of 14% over March and April, which means prices are almost back to pre-pandemic levels and are on par with May 2019. “The used-vehicle market benefits from a […]

COVID-19 and Used Car Prices

The Coronavirus Pandemic has dramatically changed the business environment around the world. Banks, finance companies, car manufacturers and fleet management organisations with significant exposure to auto loans and leases are readjusting their forecasts for used car prices. In aid of this, the following report highlights our observed history of used car prices and how COVID-19 […]

Are Used Car Prices Dropping?

While the Coronavirus pandemic continues, the Automotive Industry will face an extended period of disruption as consumer behaviors drastically change. Following our previous article, ‘What the Coronavirus means for car sales’, Datium Insights takes a deeper look at whether used car prices are falling and what might drive their behavior going forward. Latest Articles Contents: […]

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